Encouraging & Equipping Women
Body, Soul & Spirit

Hey Y’all!

Thank you for taking a few minutes to visit my website. One of my greatest joys in life is mentoring women and sharing the lessons God has taught me over the past six decades. Yeah. Six! I don’t feel old and my grown daughters tell me I’m still “relevant” – whatever that means. But, I will say that living this many years has given me a perspective and appreciation for God’s grace and the reality that none of us truly “arrive” this side of Heaven!

For decades, God has given me opportunities to speak truth and hope into women’s lives. From weekly health and lifestyle coaching through our Eat Live Thrive Academy, to conferences and retreats large and small, I love, love, love teaching the Word of God and teaching practical application of many of His life-changing principles. You can view a few SPEAKING VIDEO CLIPS HERE.

A work in progress just like you.
Don’t you just love how patient God is with us on this journey of life? He gives us far more grace and chances to transform our lives than most of us are willing to give ourselves. I’ve overcome quite a few challenges in my life – most of them messes of my own making. Read my short “life poem” HERE for a quick overview of my 60+ years in 3 minutes.

I blog, speak, and write books to equip other women in the areas where I struggled – and sometimes still struggle.What I hear most from women’s leaders and my audiences is that I share with both transparency and authenticity in a way that helps them know they are not alone in their struggles. I also relentlessly pursue the truth from God’s Word and share the lessons He has taught me that transformed my life and can also transform other women’s lives as well.

God’s Truth + Personal Stories + Authentic Transparency =
A Real Connection & Opportunity for Growth

I hope you find  something of value in these pages to help you or the women of your church discover a greater connection with Jesus and live with better balance of body, soul & spirit.

Equipping Women – Body, Soul & Spirit
Every week we post new video blogs and other resources for women. We cover health of body, soul, and spirit to support you in your goals to live a well balanced and vibrant life. From weight loss coaching and healthy cooking to intentional living and beauty favorites – you’ll find lots to choose from. Much of that content is on my website for “mature/ageless” women at: www.LeanHealthyAgeless.com