Nurturing the Total Woman – Body, Soul & Spirit

Women need permission to nurture themselves. When our bodies, souls and spirits are well nourished, we have more capacity to pour out to others with greater joy and vitality. In contrast, when a woman’s body is out of balance, her life tends to be out of balance as well. Our goal for this 2 to 4 hour presentation is to equip each woman with spiritual truth, practical tips, and an effective plan to enhance her overall health and well being. She will leave feeling encouraged and ready to invest the time and energy needed to pursue a life that balances her own self-care (to include her time with God) with all the other commitments she has to her work, family, and community.

Scale Down – Changing Your Habits from the Inside Out

In Danna’s Scale Down seminar, women discover how to balance  body, soul and spirit in ways that will help them realize lasting victory over unhealthy habits once and for all. Based on her best-selling book, Scale Down and her more recent book, Change Your Habits, Change Your Life, Danna explains why knowing “what” to do is simply not enough. You must learn “how” to make those changes stick. She says that is done first and foremost by becoming “transformed by the renewing of your mind”. In this practical seminar you will learn the essential physical, mental and spiritual truths that will not only scale down your size and weight…but help you celebrate each day with full health and vitality.