De-Cluttering Your Quiet Time

Confessions of a Semi-Recovered Type-A

AS A SEMI-RECOVERED TYPE A – I struggle with sitting quietly with God some days. My endless To-Do List seems to be taunting me from my notebook across the table. I feel like this woman in the picture with Post-It Notes plastered all over my body reminding me of all the things I think I need to accomplish today. Why can’t I simply BE STILL and know that He is God without my mind constantly jumping ahead to the rest of my day?

As I wrestled to stay in the moment with God a few years ago, I felt like Jesus was saying: “Don’t you realize that in ME everything worth doing will get done? Now, take a deep breath and let’s relish in the possibilities of this day…TOGETHER!”

In an effort to be more present in my time with the Lord, I’ve done a few things differently that have enhanced my connection with Him. If you are a bit like me (a wannabe superwoman who is trying desperately to submit everything to God), perhaps these will help you also. Here’s what I did to help me focus more intently and hear His voice: 


I need a little coffee before I can engage in anything with my full attention.  So, I asked myself, “What’s so wrong with just having coffee and breakfast with God? And, that’s what I do.  I sit at my kitchen table and imagine Jesus eating with me and reading from the Word.

I warm up my foggy brain with my favorite devotionals: Experiencing God Day by Day by Blackaby and Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. Some days, there is such a great nugget I want to share that I cut and paste a quote (with proper credit, of course) on Facebook so my “friends” can benefit. I can see Jesus smiling at how my “social media distraction” can be used to His glory and then I think I hear him saying, “Danna, shut your laptop and let’s read My Word together.” By the time that I am done reading, I sense the Holy Spirit is showing me things that He wants me to meditate on more fully. Now comes the big challenge – sitting quietly in His presence and keeping my mind focused.


Today, I did something new. I put two of my kitchen table chairs face to face, sat in one and imagined Jesus sitting knee to knee with me in the other. It reminded me that He IS with me and our time together is precious. I imagined Him placing his hands on my legs or gently touching my face if I became distracted – more often than I care to admit. Thankfully, He is always patient with me.


Before I could totally relax and “be” in the moment, I decided it would be helpful if I set the alarm on
my smart phone for 12 minutes.  Small steps, ladies – I am a work in progress. I’m not sure why I thought this would help – but God knew it would. Amazingly, the 12 minutes went way too fast and I realized that my time talking to the Lord was more intimate and real than it had been in a long time. Tomorrow, I’m setting my alarm for 15 minutes.


For years, my quiet times with God were irregular and unscheduled. Knowing that He is always with me and hears my every prayer caused me to rationalize that I did not need to be structured in pursuing a relationship with Him. Then it occurred to me that every one of my deep relationships exists only because I do intentionally pursue them. If I don’t give my God  first priority each and every day, it’s like telling my husband that because I know he loves me, we don’t need to spend much time together. Crazy. We spend time with those we love and our love grows when we do!