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My Hair & God’s Sense of Humor

DANNA'S COUNTDOWN TO 70 - LESSONS LEARNED ON THE ROAD OF LIFE God never wastes our pain. He teaches – restores – redeems and even sometimes makes us laugh. QUESTION: How has God redeemed your pain? Romans 8:38 says: “All things work together for good for those who love God, for those called according to his purpose.” I both love and hate this verse. It depends upon the context. It can sometimes feel like a rote response to someone’s pain as if it is an immediate panacea for current troubles. One of the first times [...]

My Hair & God’s Sense of Humor2021-11-22T07:55:11-08:00

My Life in a 3-Minute Poem

MY LIFE IN 3 MINUTES  California born in 1952. Yep, do the math, I’m over sixty, but not blue! Awesome family – my dad and mom. Married 66 years! They’re the BOMB! Like most teen girls who look in the mirror; being fat and ugly was my biggest fear. Diets – Pills – I was in a downward spiral; and then my bulimia went viral.   Bingeing & purging five times a day; my body was ravaged in numerous ways. Hid my secret for 16 years until panic attacks exposed all of my fears. Losing [...]

My Life in a 3-Minute Poem2021-10-12T12:07:48-07:00

Danna’s Countdown to 70: Deep & Superficial Questions

Are these cut off jeans too young for a woman approaching seventy? Yeah, I know. That’s a pretty superficial question. But let’s be real, at my age, I find myself asking a lot of both deep and surface questions. I’ve faced off several milestone birthdays (40, 50, 60), but my upcoming 70 is somewhat sobering. I mean, really? I was just 40. And then, I blinked. Whoosh. Since I turned sixty, I’ve been increasingly mindful of how fast my life on this planet is speeding by and wondering what kind of legacy (i.e. meaningful and eternal [...]

Danna’s Countdown to 70: Deep & Superficial Questions2021-11-21T08:36:43-08:00
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